The Academic & The Activist Podcast
We explore political science from the points of view of both an Academic and an Activist. Add some feminism and a whole lot of laughs coming at you, literally, from the middle of the North Atlantic ocean.
with amanda Bittner & Jenny Wright
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Amanda Bittner is Professor in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University in Canada. She also directs the Gender and Politics Lab at Memorial.

Bittner studies elections, voting, and public opinion, and her main research interests include the role of party leaders and candidates in the minds of voters; the role of gender in public opinion and voting; and issues of measurement in survey research, in both Canadian and Comparative contexts.


Department of Political Science 
Memorial University 
St. John's, NL 
A1B 3X9

Tel: 1-709-864-8186

Fax: 1-709-864-4000

Twitter: @amandabittner